Ariadna & Mikel

is the wedding of Ariadne and Mikel That we photographed in the church of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona and the Castell Jalpí in Arenys de Munt beside Arenys de Mar on the Costa Brava because we are Wedding Photographers in Barcelona.

Ariadne, the bride is dressed in his house next to his parents, his father, his mother and his sister. How to photographers of wedding in Barcelona we did the story starting in the bridegroom’s home, but this time as boyfriend was a Swedish dressed in a hotel room or their parents and sister.The boyfriend was going with a dark suit and a bow tie. The photographs which we have in your hotel this time we cannot teach them because the bride and groom as well we communicated, for them it was private moment. In the room of the groom did the photographs while he put the shoes, pants and the family helped him to tie the shirt and the twins. Mikel, the boyfriend told us that in Sweden, The wedding used to be simpler with less protocol and used to be with few guests.

We ended up making the photos with family, that is to say the photo of the Bridegroom with the Father, the photo of the bride of the Bridegroom with the mother, the photo of the boyfriend with her sister, after we also did the photo of the bridegroom with their parents together and ultimately the photo with the boyfriend her parents and sister all together in the same group. At the end of the groom marched toward the church of Santa Maria del Mar to await the arrival of their guests family. While I was waiting at the door friends approached the congratulated him, then we as wedding photographers in Barcelona quickly did some photographs in this meeting. We also made the classic pictures from the Bridegroom with his mother entering the church of Santa Maris of the Sea waiting for the altar. Then came the girlfriend and we made some pictures at the door of the church of Santa Maria del Mar while coming down from classic car, a Rols Royce.

The entrance to the church was spectacular. A few minutes later began the ceremony and we begin to make photographs of the first banks and then to the readings of the friends while at the same time second photographer panoramic photographs of the basilica Santa Maria del Mar. The Swedish niece of the bride and groom abanicaba with a fan in the first bank of the church while we we photographed the bride and groom on his back on the altar of the church of

Santa Maria del Mar. After an emotional ceremony in the basilica, the bride and groom excited exchanged the rings next to their respective witnesses.

Santa Maria del Mar was awesome as always.

To wedding photographers in Barcelona we will love the thrill and also the aesthetics and architecture, so we enjoyed each time we photographed a wedding in the church of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona.

At the end of the ceremony the bride and groom the witnesses signed the altar and then did some pictures with parents brothers as well as the witnesses at the altar. After these photographs the bride and groom asked us a photograph of themselves with the church of Santa Maria del Mar, and we did so.


The bride and groom went down the long hallway of the church and the guests threw rose petals and rice that both had hoped for.

At the door of the church of Santa Maria del Mar we took these photos of the output of the bride and groom and we stayed 15 minutes taking pictures while the guests greeted family members one by one to the bride and groom.

Once finished we left quickly together the bride and groom to the side of the church of Santa Maria del Mar for us to open the door to gain access to one of the two towers that we climb upwards. After climbing stairs for more than 10 minutes we arrived at the top of the church where the terraces that currently are ready and prepared for tourists or anyone can visit.

From these magnificent terraces of Santa Maria del Mar you can see a view of 360° in which we find a panoramic view very different from Barcelona. We can see from the Montjuic mountain, up to the Tibidabo mountain and, above all, the part of the port of Barcelona.

From Up Here we can make a brief report to the couple of the bride and groom while enjoying the views and a few minutes of intimacy together. The bride and groom went up a few small stairs at the end and from there we can take a photo with one of the towers of the church in the background. Access to these terraces gives us the possibility of having new images and points of view for a good report of boyfriends. We can approach and photograph of near one of the small rosettes which has the church on top of one of the walls.

Once we finished lower yourself back down by the most high tower and when you get down the bride and groom went up to your classic car and marched toward the Castell Jalpí.

The Castell Jalpí is the property of an important group of gastronomy and distribution called Serhs.

This group deals with all the management and all the gastronomy that the Castell Jalpí requires for all your events both corporate and private.


When we arrived at the Castell Jalpí The aperitif as it was all about and some guests had arrived. The bride and groom wanted to take some photo from lake to see the castle in the background and at the end we climbed back to the entrance of the castle where everyone was waiting for them as they enjoyed the appetizer.

While the first photographer was attentive to the bride and groom, the second photographer moves into the living room where he took some pictures of the preparation of the tables and decor. In this case the classroom was mounted on the outside of the castle, in front of the facade. The aperitif was 5 m from the living room. Once the aperitif the bride and groom wanted to be taken some group photos with their families.

Once the guests sat at their respective tables, the bride and groom made their entrance.

During the dinner there were some shouts of viva the bride and groom while the guests Swedes joined the mediterranean style to celebrate the wedding.

As is usual in the weddings of foreigners, during dinner there were different parliaments both of the brothers of the bride and groom as parents and a friend.

After the speeches, came the court fel cake and with it, the deliveries of dolls and bouquet.

After a few deliveries of gifts the bride and groom disappeared the moment and began the first dance. Sometimes they are brides which change their clothing during the wedding to get another dress different and more comfortable to wear and dancing during the nightclub, but this time it was the boyfriend who made a change, he changed his dark American by a completely white for the first dance. After this dance, the bride and groom and guests moved toward the room where it is usually held dinners and lunches to enjoy the feast and the disco.