Bonanova Church in Barcelona


Bonanova Church in Barcelona.

Bonanova Church in Barcelona

These are the photos of wedding photographers in Barcelona the wedding that Luis and Natalia celebrated in the Bonanova church in Barcelona and the Castillo de San Marçal. Church Bonanova Barcelona.

The church of Bonanova in Barcelona is also called as Parish of Sant Gervasi i Protasi and even has a third name that is the Church of the Mare de Deu de la Bonanova.

The Bonanova Church Barcelona is located in Plaza Bonanova number 12 of Barcelona.

Bonanova Church in Barcelona, photos

The photos of the groom were made at his home with his parents, his father his mother Photos of the groom were made at home. His parents, his father his mother and also with his brothers and nephews. Luis was practically dressed and therefore we started making some photographs of the groom’s portrait alone. Once their parents arrived, we started making family photos of everyone together. Little by little the rest of his brothers arrived with their nephews, with whom we took some family group photos. In this case the boyfriend preferred not to put any picture in this post so you will not find them. Natalia is an Aragonese girl.

Ceremony Bonanova Church in Barcelona

She decided to leave the Hotel Abac on Avenida Tibidabo. There we took pictures of the makeup and hairstyle. We also took some photographs of the details, such as the bride’s shoes, the bride’s dress, the wedding rings, the wedding ring and the veil. After we took pictures of Natalia with her parents and at the end when the godfather arrived we made the delivery of the bouquet. Before leaving for the Bonanova Church in Barcelona, ​​the bride wanted us to make some photographs of her bouquet and also some images on the terrace of the suite that had been rented at the Hotel Abac. Church Bonanova Barcelona.

The chef of the Hotel Abac is the well-known chef Jordi Cruz, who is known for his avant-garde cuisine, creating a unique experience. The restaurant of the Hotel Abac is awarded with three michelin stars. Jordi Cruz is one of the leading chefs on the television program MasterChef.

Bonanova Church in Barcelona

Once Natalia left the hotel, she took the classic rental car Rolls Royce and went with her father to the Bonanova Church in Barcelona where Luis was waiting for him. Previously the boyfriend had already made the entrance to the Church Bonanova Barcelona with his mother. Luis was waiting for her at the altar while Natalia went up the stairs of the Bonanova Church in Barcelona. Natalia made the entrance by the corridor of the church behind her two nieces who accompanied him to the altar where Luis was waiting for her. Once the ceremony began, we took the different photographs of the first benches where the parents were and the photographs of the family guests who read some words for the couple. At the same time we made some general views of the Bonanova Church Barcelona both from below at the level of the guests and from above where we could sing a magnificent panoramic view of the Bonanova Church in Barcelona. Church Bonanova Barcelona

Barcelona, Bonanova Church

The church of Bonanova in Barcelona is also called as Parish of Sant Gervasi i Protasi and even has a third name that is the Church of the Mare de Deu de la Bonanova.

Once the ceremony was over, after the readings, the exchange of rings and the respective signatures of all the witnesses of the wedding, we made some image on the altar and went out through the characteristic red carpet to the outside of the Bonanova Church in Barcelona, where some guests were waiting to throw the petals to the bride and groom. All family friends greeted the couple at the door of the church where they had parked the car of the couple.

Bonanova Church Spain

The Bonanova Church Barcelona is located in the Bonanova square, where the streets of Muntaner and Sant Gervasi begin to descend; and where the Paseo Sant Gervasio meets the Paseo de la Bonanova. The Bonanova Church Barcelona has a large main façade formed by a portico Al that hold eight columns, on which we can see the figures of Saints Gervasio and Protasio To whom the temple is dedicated to the Virgin. Upon entering the church and right above us we find the organ. As regards the main altar, it is an altar crowned with a polychrome wooden dome.

This temple gives name to one of the districts of the high part of Barcelona that with the neighborhood of Sarriá end up forming the district of Sarriá and Sant Gervasio. Currently the church is a replica of the one that was originally destroyed during the civil war.

Bonanova Church Catalonia

In this same location was the church where in the eighteenth century was dedicated specifically an altar to the saints Gervasi and Protasi. The church Santa María de la Bonanova is the popular name of the Virgin Mary of the fortunate.

From 1942 to 1960 this temple was built by the architect J. Dones, who did not take as an example the noise temple and rebuilt it inspired by the Italian Renaissance churches.

In this case the couple arrived first at the castle of San Marsal and we can take some photographs in their gardens with the castle in the background. Then we continue with the report going up the stairs that lead us to the facade of the Castle. There the couple took a walk while we photographed them together.

Photographers Bonanova Church in Barcelona

The guests began to arrive to the aperitif that was made in the gardens of the Castle of San Marsal, where they could begin to enjoy the gastronomy that the nine had prepared for this special day.

As wedding photographers in Barcelona we enjoy wedding photography every time we come to work at the Castle of Sant Marsal. Its exteriors are exceptional.

During the aperitif we took some snapshots of the couple together with their friends while they relaxed in the gardens. We also went up to the main room to make some images of the room already prepared.

When the catering finished serving the appetizers we began to take the group photographs that the couple had requested. Then the guests move through the gardens towards the stairs that would take them to the living room. Once everyone was seated, the couple entered the room.

When the second course finished, the presentation of the cake arrived and the bride and groom got up to make the cut and then made a toast with all the guests. Luis and Natalia gave different grooms to the future couple and also gave the bouquet to the next guest who was going to get married. After the deliveries the friends, the couple entered the room with two large bouquets of flowers that they gave to their respective mothers. A little later the guests did a surprise dance prepared especially for the couple.

Finally it was time to do the first dance of the couple and then began the party with the DJ.

This time the couple wanted to leave the party for a few moments to make a couple of night photographs with the castle in the background.