Lluís & Lluïsa

Oliver & Viladoms Studio is formed by Luisa Viladoms and Lluís Oliver.

We are two multipurpose professionals, awarded innumerable occasions in different photographic disciplines (wedding, portrait, fashion, landscape …)

We met working in a large company where we were team, photographing the most exclusive weddings in Barcelona. It was photographing emotions in one of the most important days for the lives of many couples, as we went from being a photographic couple as a couple in our lives.

We are passionate about our profession, photography and real emotions.

For this reason, we treat each report as if it were ours, we get involved and we live it very intensely to get a true work of art for our clients.

Our work style is not traditional, and on the day of the report we are extremely discreet.

If you are looking for the best price we are probably not the best option, but if you are looking for the best quality and peace of mind for your wedding day then you are in the right place.

Oliver & Viladoms is an exclusive photo studio where we only accept a limited number of reports/sessions.

Lluisa viladoms fotografo barcelona


Lluïsa is the demanding and resolutive motor that advances and moves our study forward.

Sincere and clear at all times, convey a trust and honesty so transparent you will hardly find elsewhere.

Your empathy and commitment to others is a sincere and unique value that raises the personal and professional level of Oliver & Viladoms Studio.

All these elements make her a very open person / photographer with a creativity very different from usual.


My passion is to see happiness in others and to be able to freeze it in an image forever.

Give the opportunity to enjoy again and again this moment, for me is the essence of my work.

I am discreet and sensitive personality is the one that gives way to a natural and elegant style that is not out of fashion.

The inner sadness is the engine that pushes me to seek relentlessly the moments and gestures of joy and happiness in others. This is my weakness and my strength.

Lluis oliver fotografo barcelona