This is Víctor’s wedding and flower. I know they did the ceremony in the church of Argentona San Julia de Argentona and make the aperitif in the restaurant of Bell reco. We met at our studio in Barcelona where we have more than one meeting to complete all your requests. This couple is formed by a flower that is Argentinian of Argentine nationality and by Víctor who is Catalan of Spanish nationality they made a wedding to their style although she wanted to make it more to Argentina and the guy from here of the weddings here in Barcelona. We had stayed with Floro at 2:30 but it was delayed an hour and a quarter and meanwhile this during this time we took to make the details like the dress of the bride who bought it in Pronovias and like the shoes that bought them in Jimmy Choo .

Victor was very elegant in a dark suit while the flower is wearing a princess dress made by the designer Pronovias white with strips and sweetheart neckline. When she arrived she and her family are a little nervous about going to the delay. His father was a very discreet man and his mother a very fun and cheerful person with whom we laughed a lot Agustin and his brother a very cheerful and friendly guy. The photos of the bride’s house were made in the bell reco. Flor trained the steps to make the entrance to the church of San Julia de Argentona where Víctor was waiting for her. The photographs that we made in the bell reco were perfect thanks to the lighting and our professionalism as professional photographers in Barcelona. Meanwhile Víctor was taking pictures of the session with his family at his home in Vilassar de Mar.

Once at the church of San Julià de Argentona Victor greeted his family friends and then went to wait for Florence at the altar. Flor entered late because of rain. After 20 minutes of waiting flower arrived at the church where he quickly entered and Víctor was very excited. The church of San Julia de Argentona is a white-walled church which is very helpful for photographers to enhance photography. After an emotional ceremony the witnesses signed and the parents the bride and groom took a picture at the altar. At the exit of the church of San Julià the guests threw confetti with spear petals and then embraced all together congratulated the couple. The greetings for the fast because it was raining and the couple had to go to the bell reco where they had a special horse carriage that picked up the couple and left them in front of the house and where the guests enjoyed their arrival, also in front of the car. horses had three pipers playing a traditional Scottish song.

Then we did the photo report this time it could not be done in Barcelona in the bell reco. We are photographers from Barcelona but we can make wedding reports anywhere. The appetizer was on and served by the catering Esther conde. His son Alex Permanyer was the DJ he hired to animate the party. During the aperitif the bride and groom could enjoy the gastronomy and the service of Esther conde. During the cocktail the couple could talk with the people and their family friends invited and then we made some group photos with their loved ones. All the details in the bell reco are perfect both in the appetizer and in the dining room. We want to thank both the bride and groom and Ester count for the dinner and the snacks that were served.

The couple entered the room with a very dynamic music thanks to a saxophonist who hired specially. As wedding photographers in Barcelona we are very happy that this couple trust us. We were taking wedding photographs of all the details throughout the dinner and enjoyed together guests and friends of the party cake deliveries until very late. The bride changes dress for another style different from the Pronovias brand. After the cake cut they took out another cake with a strip of which the single women had to stretch and if a ring came out it meant that it would be the next one to get married. This is an Argentine tradition. The dance began in the Hall of the bell reco. Then we moved to the party room where they danced with all the guests until late at night.

Bell Reco

The Bell Reco is the ideal place to get married if you want to make a Luxurious wedding. This couple of lovers were lovers of salsa and continuously danced guests at the Bell Reco.

Talking with them they explained that when they visited the Bell Reco, they liked it a lot, especially since the Bell Reco has very different spaces for the wedding.

The exterior of the Bell reco highlights the arrival with the red carpet that takes us to the first snack area of ​​the Bell Reco where we find a small lake surrounded by trees.

In front of the Bell Reco’s house we find a large terrace where we can make another aperitif enjoy the sun.

The Bell Reco is one of the places where we enjoy as photographers for us to work when we leave Barcelona.

The Bell Reco also has an area where to make the aperitif at the bottom near another large lake from where we can see the house. We go up the stairs to the terrace that leads to the front door where we find the Hall of Bell Reco where you can also hold dinners meals and snacks in the special atmosphere. Next to the Hall we find the room for 400 people where meals and wedding dinners are usually held at the Bell Reco.

Decoration is classic and very elegant.

It is a very special place that is located 35 minutes from Barcelona.