How many hours does the report include?

We started at the groom’s house and finished once we have enough images of your guests having fun, dancing and having fun.

Approximately 10 to 12 hours.

How many photographers will you come to the wedding?

It will vary depending on the report and the services that you contract, but at least we have two, which allows us to capture more moments and from different points of view. This is an advantage because above all we take full advantage of the time we have and also have many more images.

When will you give us the album?

Each album is done personally without subcontracting any process. This is one of our firm commitments with you, we invest a lot of time so that each album is unique and exclusive.

Although if you want you can choose the images that formed the album, we strongly recommend that you leave this in our hands, our criterion is professional, balanced and our goal is to perform a perfect job.

We deliver the album to the three months of the wedding, during this time we make different selections until we create the definitive one in which there must be documentary, photojournalistic and artistic images in their perfect measure to be able to transmit the whole history of your day in the best way .

After selections, design, layout, processing, retouching and printing, it is the turn of handmade binding that we sometimes do in our studio. For Lluïsa and for me each album is a work of art and in order to demand the highest quality in all the processes we are obliged to know them to the smallest detail. 

I do not want to pose !!!

If you have it so clear, for us perfect, do not pose !!!

Although wedding photojournalism takes a few years of fashion, we have always worked 90% of the wedding report in this way. We believe that naturalness is essential and obligatory to obtain the best images of your wedding.

Our intention is to pass as unnoticed as possible, and that our interventions are minimal to tell real stories and true to convey. Of course, the quality and variety of our images is usually proportional to the time and dedication you give us.

We want to enjoy the company of our friends and family during the appetizer.

We are prepared enough so that after the ceremony we do a good report in only 20 minutes, although if you have a tight schedule we can reduce or even eliminate this time.

If on the other hand you want to have more images together we will be happy to have more time to get a more complete report, or even invite you to book another day where you can choose the place and the best time of day to get special images That due to lack of time, distances or schedules would be impossible to make the day of your wedding.

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