Gavá Tropical Restaurant


Gavá Tropical Restaurant.

Gavá Tropical Restaurant

These are the photographs of the wedding of Alfredo and Ana, Barcelona Photographer that celebrated a religious ceremony in the Church of the Bonanova in Barcelona and the party in the Tropical Restaurant of Gavá.

The wedding of Alfredo and Ana did not come through Alex, a mutual friend. Thanks to his recommendation we met and the feeling came right away with which everything was easier.

We started with the photographs of Alfredo while he was preparing in his mother’s house with his brother. We had a lot of fun while they put on the ties they do not usually use.

Ceremonies at Gavá Tropical Restaurant

After changing we took some pictures with his brother, and also with his mother. Later, his father arrived with his partner, who also took some family photos. Once they finished they went to look for the car to go to the Church of the Bonanova in Barcelona.

At the same time the other part of the team were at Ana’s house to photograph their preparations. There were her best friends and also her parents. We took several pictures of the details of the bride before changing and then we continued doing a story of while her friends helped to put the shoes on the dress and the veil. We also took pictures of the bouquet, the shoes, the duel and all the details that Ana asked us.

Photos Gavá Tropical Restaurant

At Ana’s house we also took pictures with her parents and relatives and a portrait of her before leaving for the Church of the Bonanova which is located in Plaza Bonanova number 12 in Barcelona.

In the end the godfather arrived with the bouquet for Ana, the bride to whom he read a beautiful poem that moved her. After the poem we all left for the church where Alfredo was greeting his family friends. This church is located in the upper area of ​​Barcelona where very elegant and special weddings are usually held. The door of the church has a portico supported by eight columns that once you cross you go directly to the church.

Gavá Tropical Restaurant in Barcelona

Once inside, we can enjoy the huge organ that is part of the entrance of the church. It is a church of great capacity that we love to work because it is very grateful photographically speaking. You also have the possibility of going up to the back where the organ is to take some general photographs of the church. Just above the altar where we find the Virgin is also a special point where you can access and take a picture of all the guests in front.

After Alfredo greeted his friends and family decided to enter the church with his mother in a very exciting entry. A few minutes later Ana arrived with her father who got out of his classic car a white Rolls Royce. In this wedding we were lucky to have a photographer and friend who we appreciate the photograph in which we see from above his father’s girlfriend approaching the church stairs. It is a photograph taken from a different point than usual since our friend Francesc lives on the first floor of a building very close to the church. We photographed the bride as she climbed the stairs from different angles and especially as she walked down the aisle of the church to the altar where Alfredo was.

Gavá Tropical Restaurant Weddingns

Then began the ceremony where we photographed the different readings of the friends of the couple and later the couple gave the yes I want. The rings were raised by Pablo, the son of our common friend Alex who was quite shy and a little scared. After the signatures we took some pictures of the couple and their parents at the altar and immediately Alfredo Ana left so that all her guests threw the red and white petals. After the greetings and congratulations everyone went to the Gavá Tropical Restaurant.

The Gavá Tropical Restaurant is a hotel of 14 luxury rooms with terrace of which seven have a private pool. The Gavá Tropical Restaurant has been renewed with a new menu, with a new chef, and is in a privileged setting next to the sea of ​​Gavà.

The Gavá Tropical Restaurant has a Beach Club where we find a bar restaurant that has direct access to its private pool and the beach that is opposite a few meters away.

The Gavá Tropical Restaurant is equipped with a gym that has a fitness center and a sword with all the comforts.

Gavá Tropical Restaurant opinions

The Gavá Tropical Restaurant has been renovated to build a new Tropical with a comprehensive reform of all its facilities to offer its customers new services of very high quality.

The Gavá Tropical Restaurant is located at Tellinaires 17 de Gavá Street. This attractive restaurant has a Mediterranean and market cuisine where the products are chosen with the utmost care always looking for the highest quality and freshness. Rice and fresh fish stand out from his menu.

The Gavá Tropical Restaurant is an original and cozy place with magnificent views on foot of the sea that make it a perfect place to go for lunch or dinner especially in summer. The Gavá Tropical Restaurant organizes weddings, anniversaries, good relatives, and any event you can imagine. Some of their specialties are the lobster salad and the prawns with Cabernet vinaigrette, the steak tartare with red peppers, the brochette of monkfish with the trio of rice and the mojito sorbet.

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Gavá Tropical Restaurant

The Gavá Tropical Restaurant is only 15 minutes from Barcelona and five minutes from the El Prat International Airport. The average price of the menu is 50 € 75 and has a capacity of approximately 200 people.

The hours are from Monday to Sunday from 1:00 from noon to 4:00 in the afternoon and on Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 in the evening to 11:00 at night. Among the facilities and services that the Gavá Tropical Restaurant has are the private rooms, the garden area, it is a totally non-smoking place where meals and dinners are served and where we can use the supervised parking service free of charge. Its private rooms are perfect for group menus and have a perfect terrace to enjoy the summer. It is a perfect place to celebrate any banquet or wedding.

Gavá Tropical Wedding Restaurant

After this description of the Gavá Tropical Restaurant we continued with our wedding of Alfredo and Ana, who arrived at the restaurant and took some photographs in the garden area very close to the restaurant. The couple also wanted to take some pictures near the beach of Gavà Mar and then met with the rest of the guests on the terrace of the restaurant next to the pool.

The Gavá Tropical Restaurant has a large lounge where once the appetizer was finished, Ana and Alfredo’s wedding banquet was held. The bride and groom entered last with special music while the guests got up and moved their handkerchiefs.

After lunch at nine o’clock they made several deliveries of dolls for the future bride and groom and Ana handed over her bridal bouquet. Once started in the afternoon the couple made their first dance and from this moment the party began and the open bar lasted until 12:00 at night.

Thank you very much Alfredo and Ana for having chosen us as your wedding photographers in Barcelona for this special day.