Roser & Miguel

Monastery of Sant Cugat

Monastery of Sant Cugat

The photographs of the next wedding took place in the Monastery of Sant Cugat and in Can Magí.

We are talking about the wedding of Roser and Miquel. All the reporting of this wedding took place in the town of Sant Cugat del Vallès 20 minutes from Barcelona.

First of all we went to the boyfriend’s house where we took some pictures while he dressed. After these photographs we also made some images with his father, with his mother, and with his family. You do not have permission to show them you do not see them in this post, but you can see some of the images we took at the bride’s house. As professional photographers in wedding photography in Barcelona we did a full report from the beginning during the preparations, also in the church that in this case is the Monastery of Sant Cugat later passing through the cloister of the Sant Cugat Monastery And ending with the photographs of the aperitif, the food and the end of the party at the Can Magí restaurant in Sant Cugat del Vallès from Barcelona wedding Photographer.

Wedding Monastery of Sant Cugat

While we were at the bride’s house we made some images while preparing before going to church. We took a portrait with natural light like Barcelona elopement Photographers and some images while his mother helped him to put the dress near the window of his house, where we made a backlight. After we went to the outside terrace of the one that had his house we took some pictures of the details that we show you in the post where the shoes of the bride come out. We went around the terrace and made some pictures while his uncle recorded it on video.

When we arrived at the house, she went with her hair down and dressed in street clothes, but later the hairdresser picked up her hair, made a bun and changed the street clothes to put on the wedding dress. It was a white dress with a very short tail, it had its back to the air and had some embroidery on the back of the dress near the buttons. After taking several photographs of the bride and the images with her parents she had taken the bouquet, her mother put the veil and we went to the Monastery of Sant Cugat.

images of Monastery of Sant Cugat

In the Monastery of Sant Cugat is where the religious ceremony between the couple took place. While the bride did not arrive, the groom received friends and relatives at the door of the church where we took advantage of them, we made some images that captured different expressions and especially the emotions of the friends of the groom. After a few minutes receiving the family the church was already full and the groom was ready to make his entrance with his mother.

Once they reached the altar they said goodbye and he was next to the altar stairs waiting for the bride. After a few minutes of waiting, the bride arrived with her father and we made some images outside the Monastery of Sant Cugat as she approached the great door of the monastery. When they arrived at the door of the monastery the hostesses in charge of the Monastery of Sant Cugat opened the doors and made their entrance while the groom watched from the top of the altar.

Ceremony Monastery of Sant Cugat

Everyone was very excited, both the friends of the bride, the friends of the groom as well as all the relatives who occupied the banks of the Monastery of Sant Cugat. Both the bride and her father looked to the sides and were smiling and at the same time greeting all the people who were finding Internet while making their entry into the Monastery of Sant Cugat.

We are talking about a religious wedding in San Cugat del Vallès where the Monastery of Sant Cugat is located.

Once the bride came to the altar the groom picked her up and they went up to start the ceremony. Once up, her friends helped her to place the dress well over the benches that the bride and groom had prepared at the altar. The ceremony began, we took photographs of the different readings that the relatives made while we were doing some general views of the interior of the monastery.

Monastery of Sant Cugat Vallés

It was time for the rings, and the priest brought the witnesses up. To this elegant wedding were also invited the nieces of the bride and groom who sat at the first bench of the church with their grandmother. The two little girls wear a pink dress and have two wreaths on their heads.

Once they finished the ceremony, they exchanged rings, the witnesses went up to the altar to sign, but the priest, as is the custom here in the Monastery of Sant Cugat, had them all go down to sign the sacristy that is in one of the laterals of the church. Once they signed, we made a photo of the couple the altar with their parents and witnesses and the devices to leave so that all the guests could throw the rice and the petals. All the guests greeted the couple and went to the side of the church where the entrance door to the famous cloister attached to the Monastery of Sant Cugat.

There we had a few minutes to make a couple report to this nice couple.

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Monastery of Sant Cugat

Once we finished they left the cloister where we made the last images next to their car. Then we all went to the restaurant Can Magí where the guests were already taking the aperitif while waiting for the arrival of the couple. At this time we continue to make different photographs of family and friends while they talk at the aperitif and when we exterminate we usually make a group photograph if the bride and groom ask for it.

We also made some image of the empty room where they would eat later. Once the cocktail was over, the guests entered the room and when they were all inside the couple made their entrance. We made some images in the presidency and after some general view of the full room. During the lunch we do not usually take pictures until the moment of the toast of the cut of the cake. Then the couple delivered some gifts to their friends and also gave the bride’s bouquet. Finally it was time for coffee and after this the first dance of the couple began at the Can Magí restaurant of the Catering Sensacions where they danced for more than three hours until late afternoon.

The Catering Sensacions is in charge of all the gastronomy that surrounds the Can Magí restaurant in San Cugat del Vallès.

The Monastery of Sant Cugat is a former Benedictine abbey. This monastery was built between the nine and fourteenth centuries and stands out above all for its cloister. The Monastery of Sant Cugat was the most important of all the county of Barcelona and in 1931 it was declared a cultural asset of national interest. It is an exponent of the medieval art of Catalonia and was built around an old church built in the fifth century, where tradition said that the martyr Cugat was buried.

This cloister is considered a jewel of Romanesque sculpture. It is one of the most important cloisters in Europe and one of the best preserved. Above all it stands out for the structure of the decoration of the 144 unique capitals. This church is a unique place that allows you to clearly observe the transition from Romanesque to Gothic.