Santa Maria del Mar Church


Santa Maria del Mar Church

Santa Maria del Mar Church | oliver & Viladoms | Barcelona Elopement.

This summer we photographed a wedding in the church of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona. It was the wedding of Paul and Mari a couple very friendly and nice, but above all a couple of very good people.

The Basilica Church of Santa Maria del Mar is located in the plaza de Santa Maria Number one, in the bar of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

To get there you can take the metro completely the Line Four and stop at the stop Jaume I.

Wedding Santa Maria del Mar Church

It can also be reached by the bus taking the number 17, 19, 40 and also with the 45.

The Church of Santa Maria del Mar is a tourist site to which many tourists arrive by the tourist bus to stop at the Pla de Palau.

The schedules for the cultural visits the church of Santa Maria del Mar are Monday through Saturday from 1:00 to 5:00 pm and Sundays from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. The parish office is open on Mondays Tuesdays Thursdays from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. The opening hours of the temple is from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 8:30 at night, on Sundays is open from 10:00 to 2:00 to 5:00 to 8:00. In the Church of Santa Maria del Mar on Sundays and public holidays make different masses as the 7:30 which is the advance of the Mass Saturday Mass at 12 which is the high mass and the evening mass which is 7:30 in the afternoon. Every day there is a mass at 7:30 in the afternoon.

Photographers at Santa Maria del Mar Church

At the wedding of Paul and Mari, the two were changed the rooms in a hotel next to the church to be able to arrive on time and not have any problem during displacement because it is a church that is in the center of Barcelona and is quite complicated to get to her especially with vehicle. Once dressed Paul we made photographs and portraits together with his family decided to move closer to the door of the

Church of Santa Maria del Mar to receive guests and all friends who were coming.

Ceremony in Santa Maria del Mar Church

The preparations for Mari as we said there were also in a hotel room next to the church of Santa Maria del Mar and after making a portrait, some details, and family photos with their parents, Mary your family headed toward the door of the church of Santa Maria del mar.

They were married very soon in the afternoon and the light was too hard, but even so we did some photography at the door of the church of Santa Maria del Mar while the bride would come out. Before the boyfriend made his entrance and i hope next to the stairs that lead altar. The nephews of the bride entered before her down the long hallway of the church of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona, while the groom them very helpful. How to wedding photographers in Barcelona we know this church for many years once the bride and groom were on the altar one of us was to photograph the different readings while the other did different panoramic views from different angles of the Church of Santa Maria del Mar. To photograph a wedding in the basilica of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona it is always a pleasure for us as photographers, because it is a church very grateful.

Santa Maria del Mar Church, Barcelona

The history of this church is a history that has much to do with the people of the city of Barcelona. In the 13th century, there was a big growth in this neighborhood is now known as the de la Rivera. Here were built boats were imported and exported all kinds of goods, had workshops of all kinds of crafts and arts as we can see when we read the different names of the streets near the church.In this era palaces were also built some of the Moncada street where they lived the richest merchants and some nobles, everything is the progress of the time helped the temple had such large proportions.

All workers who load and unload ships, and fishermen helped with their boats and with their physical strength to carry all the stones from the Montjuic mountain in order to build this temple. The temple was consecrated by the bishop of Barcelona Pérez form the 15 August 1384. Over the years and the different wars were producing different destructions of the basilica, but no comparable to the destruction of 19 July 1936 when the Church of Santa Maria del Mar was burned during 11 days in a row and destroyed its baroque altar and all images and files. Only were the walls, columns and some higher windows that did not reach the fire.

Santa Maria del Mar is one of the places where it is clearly shown the way to build the monuments in Barcelona during the 14th century, where the Catalan Gothic architecture has a strong personality. The basilica has a length of 80 m and a width of 33 m. In the vault we can see the representation of the Coronation of the Virgin Mary. In another we can see the representation of the birth, and the last to pre representation of the King Alfons father of Pere IV on horseback.

Pics in Santa Maria del Mar Church

With regard to the stained-glass windows above highlights the rosette made in 1459 was manufactured in Toulouse, France. The rest of the stained-glass windows were made little by little and the more recent next to the door of the sacristy was placed in 1995 to commemorate the Olympic Games of 1992.

In the present high altar we would highlight a boat at the foot of the Mother of God which is a Gothic sculpture that stood in the doorway of Santa Maria. Toward the 1965 excavations were made in which it was discovered a Roman necropolis and in the vacuum left by the earth extracted is decided to build a crypt. Currently we also have the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, in the neoclassical style.

The organ of the basilica is one of its great wealth, and developed fully in the 16th century. In this body have worked countless organbuilder os both spanish and catalan as some important coming from France and Germany. The arrival since the 14th century of bodies of the center of Europe along with the natives created a great wealth and a new school very interesting and unique.

Santa Maria del Mar Church, Barcelona Church

The Church of Santa Maria del Mar currently has to Neil Cowley as organist of the basilica. We are talking about an organist born in Austin, Texas in the United States, where he studied piano and musicology for career after working as the director of music in the church of San Ignacio martyr of Austin. It was established in Barcelona in 1981 and since then has given numerous concerts and has also been a collaborator of the Symphony Orchestra of Barcelona and Catalonia National, as well as musical director of some of the productions of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.

Currently the temple offers an exclusive visit for small groups that allows you to stroll through the interior of the church of the grandstands the crypt the Neoclassical Chapel enjoy its immensity.

The Church of Santa Maria del Mar also offers access to the terraces through the building’s towers and allows us to approach the rose window, floor-to-ceiling windows, the buttresses and gargoyles. From above you can see the narrow streets of the Born neighborhood and a great panoramic view over Barcelona.

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Santa Maria del Mar Church

After this review in the history of this great church, Mari and Paul our boyfriends, held the ceremony, the exchange of rings and the signatures and enjoyed this magnificent edpacio. Witnesses and the bride and groom signed next to the priest at the altar, and after the hugs and greetings from the parents did some pictures typical of wedding at the altar. Then the bride caught the bouquet and the couple left toward the restaurant the Tower of the Lions of the catering Sibaris.

Once we reached the Tower of the Lions of the catering Sibaris, we took some pictures of partner and went to enjoy the aperitif and members of their families. The catering Sybaris who runs the Tower of the Lions is in charge of the gastronomy and the organization of the wedding at this restaurant.

As it was not clear whether it would rain or not the bride and groom decided to make dinner in the inner room of the tower of the lions. So after the aperitif is decided to enter the hall and there enjoy a magnificent dinner. We photographed all the details, gifts, and the emotions that arose in this wedding. Finally the bride and groom began the first dance on the stairs and then went to enjoy the feast of the disco in the cellar where they finished the wedding.