The day after



“Always grateful to want to share such a special day with us.

Grateful to see you laugh and enjoy together, making every moment a special moment that we will never forget.

Because even in the most chaotic moment, under a great rain, voice know to turn it into one of the most magical moments that we will always remember.




“We are delighted with the photographs and video of our wedding, they are beautiful and of a very high quality. With them you can rest easy and enjoy that day, thanks to their extensive experience, they know in advance churches and banquets, know the best points of view, effects Of light and capture all the details.

Highlight their pleasant treatment and above all their professionalism, they have the best technology and a great team: staff for lights, cameras, photographers, programmers … and that is reflected in the result. I recommend the photocall, our guests were delighted, Very nice and funny photos, and the editing with the music was perfect.

They are also very flexible and adapt to your tastes, style and preferences. Even the album they deliver is of the highest quality, no point of comparison with other suppliers and totally customizable. If you really want to have a nice keepsake of your wedding, precious and special photos, with them you will surely secure “



“If I remarried, I would do it again with OLIVER & VILADOMS STUDIO.

The photos are natural and expressive, you do not realize that they are doing a report, and when you collect them you see the feelings, the stories, the emotions … The quality of the work and the result are exceptional.

Even for non-professionals like us, it is evident the difference between the photographer and THE PHOTOGRAPHER “



My husband and I are from Canada and found Mary Me in Spain (And Carole) through searching the internet.

 We contacted a few other companies and quickly saw that Mary Me in Spain was clearly the best option for our wedding! Carole was amazing to work with.

She is quick to respond to any questions (even with a large time difference) and always kept us updated on what was going on through the process.

Everything was so easy, despite us living across the world! Carole took us step by step through the planning process. The photographers she works with are all extremely talented and we were beyond impressed with ours.

We came to Barcelona a few days prior to our wedding, in those days Carole met with us to go over our wedding day schedule.  Which helped us feel much more at ease and it offered a familiar face on our wedding day.  Carole was with us the entire day, helping translate with others and always offering knowledge about the area.

My husband and I highly recommend Carole and Mary Me in Spain.  We could not be happier about how our day went and the entire process leading up to it.

There was never a stressful moment for us, everything was controlled and organized by Carole.  We have nothing but amazing memories and it is all thanks to Carole!



“When the greatest memory of one of the most important days of your life depends on other people, the best they can offer you is confidence, tranquility and security in the job well done.

With Oliver & Viladoms, we were calm from the first moment. They are first-rate professionals who listen to you and adapt to everything you may need, just ask!

Both Lluís and Luisa knew how to capture the best moments of our wedding, we certainly recommend them as good professionals and good people.

Thanks guys!”



“We believe that there is no better way to keep a memory alive than to look at a photograph that has captured and transmitted all the magic of the moment.That is why we do not take lightly the choice of the people in charge of that mission on the most important day of our life.

We chose you because we liked your work carefully, natural and detailed. Now, with the album in our hand and the memories more alive than ever, we want to tell you that we are not mistaken, that day we decided to climb cathedrals and enjoy every moment, laugh, cry, dance without end and you followed us with your discreet Professionalism to get some unique images that we will not tire of contemplating.

Thank you very much. “



“Great photographers and better people.

Delighted to have had such a special day for us.

Attentive and attentive to all our needs at all times “



One thing we had clear, the day of the link happens very fast. Everyone had told us. What we did not expect was that it would happen so fast!

We wanted, therefore, to have a good memory of that day to be able to remember it. After seeing the photographic results of friends who had trusted in Lluís and Luisa we do not hesitate to contact them. A year and a half later of one of the most important days for us , We are very clear that if we repeated we would trust them again. The results were as expected, very good photographs and some precious videos. A lot of artistic quality. But I can also say that they are a very loving and fun couple at the same time as profesional.La most of the photographs, nor did we realize that they did, allowing us to enjoy our day. And those of course we knew they were doing, were very easy thanks to their closeness and friendliness.

Thank you very much Luis and Luisa. With much affection, Jordi and Mia



We were very satisfied with the result.

We bring a great souvenir of our wedding!