Our videos are moving emotions.

With them you can enjoy all the moments lived in a unique day in your life.

While now, that the day of your party has not yet arrived, the video has a certain value; Your vision will change completely from the day after your wedding. Everything ends and the video that has been made in the wedding wins in value and becomes something very precious that will allow you to live again and feel the emotions that you enjoyed with your family and friends.

The video of your wedding will become a visual and sound document that you can teach your children becoming part of the heritage of your family forever.

If you think about videos or very long movies, forget it and watch some of our latest trailer summary.

Our style is different.

We work mainly in Barcelona, but we move to any place to tell your story.

We base our cinematic style on your spontaneity and that of all the guests, documenting the details and experiences that arise throughout the day of the wedding.

If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us, whether or not your choice, we hope that everything happens as you wish.


Our audiovisual proposal is full-integrated, inasmuch as we can cover both photographic and videographic work, with many proposal options.

Our video production and post-production teams are made up of experienced professionals with expertise capable of mid-large productions.

On videographic shootings we look for dynamism and natural shoots, we run away from predefined shoots, we look for the unique and special. Your story, and you is all we need  to capture a beautiful image, no drama skills or a unnatural posing. Your genuine style and simply being yourself will let us capture the best of you.

All our team and us live very intensively and sensitively each wedding, if we wouldn’t we would not be true and honest to you and ourselves.

Welcome to contact us to enquire and we will try our best.


Lluís & Lluïsa

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